Archival Tape and Adhesives

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Archival Tape and Adhesives

Blick carries a wide variety of archival tape, archival glue, and archival mounting materials, such as mounting film, photo tabs, and mounting strips. Blick even offers archival mounting options where the adhesive won’t touch your art.

Archival adhesives are acid-free and do not yellow or degrade over time, so they’re perfect for fine art applications. Archival adhesives are also reversible and will not damage a document or surface. They are either water soluble and therefore reversible with water, or they’re reversible with heat.

Photos contain acid and when combined with acidic adhesives, a chemical reaction occurs. Over time, it causes discoloration, brittleness, or deterioration. Archival adhesives are photo-safe, so they’re perfect for scrapbooking and card making.

Photo-safe tape will always be acid-free, but not all acid-free tapes and other adhesives are archival. Make sure your adhesives are archival before applying them to fine art, especially for long-term use. Archival glue is ideal for bookbinding, repairing and reinforcing books, and all paper projects.

Archival Tape does not yellow or degrade over time. It contains an archival adhesive, that is reversible and will not damage a document or surface. Before purchasing an archival tape, determine whether you need one that is reversible with heat or with water.