Blick carries a wide selection of adhesive tape from top brands, such as 3M Scotch Tape and ShurTech Duck Tape, for a variety of home, office, and school projects. Choose from artist and archival tape for fine art applications, tape for packaging and wrapping, or painter’s and masking tape.

Use decorative tape, such as washi tape, in a variety of colors and patterns (even glitter, metallic, dry erase, and chalkboard tape) for crafts and scrapbooking. Make sure to choose an acid-free tape so your photos don’t yellow over time. Pick clear or double-sided tape for instances when you do not want the tape to show. Use strong, weather-proof, heavy-duty tape like Gorilla Tape for outdoor projects or a low to medium adhesion tape on canvas, walls, or wood floors.

Blick also carries specialty tapes, such as floral tape, bookbinding tape, and screen printing tape. Tape comes in rolls, adhesive sheets, adhesive dots, and mounting squares, and some tapes come in handy dispensers for easy use.