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Safety Gear and First Aid

Whether you’re creating art or stocking up for your next home improvement project, make safety a priority with our selection of high-quality PPE, safety gear, and first aid supplies.

What is PPE? PPE, an acronym for personal protective equipment, refers to protective garments and equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection caused by exposure to physical, chemical, or biological hazards.

Why do I need PPE or safety gear for art? Artists working with solvents, metals, high heat, cutting equipment, wood, and some types of clay and paint should always use appropriate PPE to avoid inhaling harmful materials or sustaining burns, cuts, and other injuries. Learn more about the types of PPE and safety equipment we offer for artists below.

Face Masks are ideal for those with allergies or respiratory sensitivities to dust and other materials. They are also essential for projects that involve sanding or in settings where you may be exposed to chemical fumes produced by certain types of paints or solvents. We offer both disposable face masks and reusable fabric face masks for everyday use.

Safety Goggles and Face Shields protect the eyes against flying debris, chemicals, and other harmful materials. These accessories don’t distort your vision, and most can be adjusted for a secure fit and added comfort. Find protective eyewear that fits securely over glasses, as well as goggles that offer additional protection against UV rays and heat.

Heat Gloves are designed to withstand high temperatures and, in some cases, offer protection against cuts and abrasions. They are ideal for soldering, bronze casting, and other metal work.

First Aid Supplies are medical supplies and equipment designed to provide immediate treatment. They can be used to treat minor injuries or as a first treatment until further assistance is available. First aid kits contain an assortment of single-use safety items intended to treat a variety of injuries and are designed to travel or store easily.

Emergency Eyewash Stations are ideal for settings where hazardous materials are present and provide a minimum flushing period.

Thermometers are ideal for monitoring body temperature in the event of sudden illness.