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Power Tools

Need to bring some power to your next project? Find the right power tools for the task at Blick. From drills and rotary tools to heat guns and wood burners, we have equipment and power tools for a wide array of home, studio, and creative projects.

Drying and heat guns are hand-operated tools that emit a stream of very hot air. Available in different temperature capacities, heat guns are used to dry damp wood, bend materials, remove paint, and emboss. Contemporary heat guns often come with a range of safety features to prevent accidental ignition.

Woodburning tools come in two basic categories: solid point and wire point. Solid point woodburning tools have long heated shafts and resemble irons. They may include a variety of interchangeable nibs and come in both temperature-controlled and single temperature models. Wire point wood burners have a more pen-like appearance, with a wire at the end of the tool that heats quickly. Wire point wood burners usually take less time to heat and offer a higher degree of control for projects where precision is needed. Nibs are usually interchangeable, making them a versatile choice for a wide range of techniques.