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Hand Tools

Bring precision to any project with our extensive selection of high-quality hand tools for artwork, crafting, DIY projects, and more! From common, everyday hand tools for your home and studio to specialty tools for jewelry-making, sculpture, and more, our assortment encompasses a wide range of uses and techniques.

What is a common hand tool?

As the name implies, hand tools are simple tools powered by hand rather than by motor. Categories of hand tools include cutters, hammers and striking tools, pliers, cutters, screwdrivers, clamps, drills, vises, saws, and knives.

What hand tools do artists use?

Pliers, hammers and mallets, and cutters are essential tools for sculptors, crafters, and model makers. Tweezers are useful for picking up and holding small items, such as beads or sequins. Cutters, including specialized scissors, are used for cutting fabric, paper, and more. Craft knives have sharp, replaceable blades and are commonly used for cutting and trimming paper, cardstock, and other thin materials. Rulers are essential for measuring and cutting straight lines.

What hand tools are needed for framing artwork?

Framing requires many hand tools, from hammers and craft knives to tape measures, clamps, and beyond. In addition to the selection of hand tools available here, you’ll find everything you need for framing on our Framing Tools and Accessories page.