Looking for durable, precise tools for your next project? Blick is your one-stop shop for the best studio hardware. Our selection includes high-quality options for any construction or home project, as well as specialty tools for artists in a variety of mediums. From woodworking and sculpture to jewelry-making and furniture renovation, here you'll find the right tool for any job.

Hand tools, as the name suggests, are tools powered by hand rather than a motor. Used for a broad range of creative and practical applications, common hand tools include pliers, hammers, clamps, and screwdrivers. Our assortment caters to artists and crafters as well as those looking for high-quality hand tools for home projects. Browse all-purpose options, as well as specialty hand tools for jewelry-making, framing, canvas stretching, and more.

Power tools are powered by an outside power source, usually an electric motor. Used for a variety of industrial and household applications, they are also by artists in a variety of mediums, including woodworking, sculpture, and metal work. Our selection of high-quality power tools includes all-purpose rotary and heat tools, as well as specialty power tools for engraving, wood crafts, and soldering.

Fasteners and fastening tools are essential for decorating and framing. Our selection spans from pushpins for the office or classroom to affordable, all-purpose hanging equipment that will allow you to create the perfect gallery wall. We also offer specialty tools for stretching canvas and many options for framers, furniture makers, and more.

Need to stock up on safety gear or first aid equipment? We carry everything from customizable face masks to heavy-duty heat gloves.