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Plastic and Rubber Cement

Blick offers a wide variety of plastic cement, rubber cement, and accessories. Plastic cement can be used to repair vinyl seats, tarps, outdoor gear, and more. Choose from cement glue that dries clear, is waterproof, and doesn't yellow or go brittle with age or sunlight. Or find a safer, non-toxic plastic cement. Blick also carries adhesives specially designed for bonding plastics and for plastic model building. Bond materials such as sytrene, butyrate, ABS, acrylic, and copolyester plastics as well as ceramics, aluminum, wood, metal, rubber, leather, fabric, polymer clays, and more.

Rubber cement is ideal for creating a flexible, repositionable bond. Acid-free formulas won’t shrink, curl, or wrinkle paper, and they’re great for photography projects. Use rubber cement for paper arts, such as scrapbooking, collaging, and card making, as well as with artwork and photo mounting. Some bottles even have a cap with a built-in application brush.

Plastic Cements work by dissolving a thin layer of the surface on a plastic to create a deeper and more flexible bond. They are ideal for joining two pieces of plastic, but when a single piece of plastic is joined with another material, a different adhesive should be used.

Rubber Cement, a long-time staple of the graphic arts studio, can be used and stored safely if instructions are followed carefully, but artists should be concerned with both flamability and toxicity. Blick is happy to identify and supply alternatives to rubber cement for many applications.