Glue Guns and Hot Glue Sticks

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Glue Guns and Hot Glue Sticks

Hot glue dispenses quickly and dries in seconds, making it suitable for arts and crafts projects, décor, and more. Hot glue is relatively permanent, but due to its heat-sensitive nature is not suitable for high-temperature environments. Choose high and low temperature hot glue guns as well as dual temperature glue guns. High temperature (around 380°F) is ideal for bonding wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic. Low temperature (around 250°F) is preferable for delicate materials such as lace, ribbon, floral foam, and lightweight fabrics. Super low temperature glue guns are safer for kids to use. Other safety features of some glue guns include automatic shutoff, which prevents the guns from overheating.

Choose full-size glue guns, which use standard 7/16" diameter glue sticks, or mini guns, which use mini 5/16" diameter glue sticks. Go cordless or work plugged-in, or have the option of both. Fine point tips are ideal for applying glue to small pieces and in hard-to-reach areas. Easy-squeeze triggers let you dispense glue with less effort and hand fatigue and provide continual glue flow. Try a glue skillet to keep your glue melted and ready to use.

Try colored, glitter, glow-in-the-dark, and metallic hot glue sticks for school projects and on apparel. Some hot glue sticks are weather-resistant, while others are acid-free — perfect for lasting artwork. Others still have a slower dry time or are specially formulated to adhere to difficult surfaces or wood. Accessories like stands, pads, and mats prevent glue from damaging your working surfaces.