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Art Knives and Blades

Cut through a wide variety of materials with art knives and blades. Blick carries top-rated brands and a great selection of styles. Find the perfect hobby knife or X-Acto knife for your needs.

Explore light-, medium-, and heavy-duty knives. Light-duty knives are perfect for slicing through craft supplies, including paper, cardstock, and foam board. Use a medium-duty knife for carving and trimming medium-weight materials, including wood and leather. Heavy-duty knives cut effortlessly through most materials.

Find replacement blades for your knives. Knife sets include multiple blades, ensuring you’ll have the right blade for the job.

Snap-off blade cutters feature blades that easily snap off once they become dull. Specialty knives are designed for a particular use — find stencil knives, tools for delicate crafts, and more.