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  • Scotch Sticker and Marker Remover Pen

    Scotch Sticker and Marker Remover Pen

    Item #: 24913


    5 out of 5 stars

    Remove adhesives, marker, and crayon from walls, lockers, desks, glass, folders, and more!Take off grime from studios or work sites. It's great for cr...


  • Supertite Ultimate Glue Kit

    Supertite Ultimate Glue Kit

    Item #: 83828


    Take care of all your gluing needs with the Supertite Ultimate Glue Kit. It includes three 0.105 oz (3 g) tubes of liquid super glue, gel super glue, ...


  • Supertite Instant Adhesive Cleaner

    Supertite Instant Adhesive Cleaner

    Item #: 83832


    Safely and easily remove glue from any surface — including fingers — with Supertite Instant Adhesive Cleaner. You’ll get rid of sticky messes and unwa...


  • NEW!

    Zap Z-7 Debonder

    Zap Z-7 Debonder

    Item #: 23850


    Get yourself out of sticky situations with Zap Z-7 Debonder. This specially designed, odorless formula softens cured super glue, allowing you to easil...