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Presentation Books and Binders

Blick carries many types of presentation books and binders to help you make a lasting impression. Most varieties have a ring mechanism that allows refill pages (also known as sheet protectors) to be added. They may also have a zipper closure to keep your materials protected, or handles so the pages can hang downward during transport to avoid wrinkling. Designed more for presentation than for carrying materials from one place to another, presentation books and binders aren't usually available in sizes as large as art portfolios.

Some types — such as multi-ring and screwpost binders — can accommodate additional pages, and some have pages that are welded in place, which means the pages can't be removed, and new pages can't be added. The dimensions shown are for the size of artwork, documents, or other materials they are designed to hold, not the dimensions of the book or binder. Some binders can accommodate an image or let you slip something into the spine — some can even be embossed with your name or a prospective client's name. Be sure to use all these elements, inside and out, to make your point and set yourself apart.

Zipper Binders are different from portfolios in that they contain a ring binder and sheet protectors, but similar to portfolios in that they have zip closures, and often handles as well. They are designed more for presentations than for transportation, so they aren't available in sizes as large as portfolios are. A zipper binder typically comes with several sheet protectors, and it may have the capacity to store more. Additional sheet protectors, compatible with the ring mechanism, can be ordered separately.