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Squeegees can be used for a variety of art and craft projects, but they’re most commonly used for screen printing. Squeegees for screen printing help push ink or paint through the screen and onto your printing surface.

Squeegees have three types of blades. Square squeegee blades are flat across the bottom. They’re very common and great for day-to-day screen printing jobs. Beveled squeegees have an angle on one or both sides of the blade. They’re ideal for printing on uneven surfaces. Round squeegees are perfect for pushing heavier amounts of ink through the screen.

Squeegee blades also have varying rigidities. The durometer of the squeegee measures the level of rigidity. Higher durometers (80–90) indicate harder blades and lower durometers (50–60) indicate softer blades. The higher the rigidity, the lighter the ink deposit. A medium durometer (70) is the most common and is used for most screen printing projects.

Blades are typically made from rubber, neoprene, or polyurethane, and handles are often made of wood or plastic. Some squeegees have an ergonomic handle for added comfort.