Printmaking Tools

Turn your illustrations and designs into prints with help from printmaking supplies and tools.

Explore etching tools for your etching print projects. Blick carries scrapers and other tools that carve into metal and remove burrs. Deburring tools and burnishers also help flatten burrs.

Linoleum cutters, brayers, and barens are great for block printing. Find a wide selection of carving tools and cutters in various sizes, so you can easily carve out big spaces and small details. Brayers roll ink and paint onto printing blocks, while barens help artists rub the ink or paint from the linoleum block and onto the surface they’re printing on.

Heat guns are versatile tools. They can bend plastics, shrink-wrap, remove decals, and spot-dry. They’re also great for encaustics and embossing. Drying racks and print racks provide a safe space for prints to dry.