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Screen Printing Machines

Create unique prints on paper, board, fabrics, and more with the help of a screen printing machine. Try your hand at T-shirt screen printing, or transfer designs to create posters and cards. Explore tabletop and standalone floor machines in steel and wood designs. Tabletop presses are great for artists who are short on space. They also tend to be lightweight, perfect for artists who want to take their machine on the go to create prints on location. Free-standing presses are great for artists with extra studio space. They are durable — great for long periods of printing — and can last a long time.

When choosing a screen printing machine, think about how many colors you’ll be printing at one time. Some presses print one color at a time, and others print four or more. Beginners may want to start smaller, with a one-color press, and then expand to printing with more colors after they’ve had some time to practice.