Printmaking Papers

Printmaking Papers are not just for printmaking. Some printmaking papers have become favorites for drawing or mixed media techniques.

The distinguishing feature of a good printmaking paper is its ability to take a soaking, to absorb a lot of ink, often with multiple runs through a press, without disintegrating or deforming.

Fine printmaking papers are made with an archival fiber source, which in the European printmaking tradition is usually cotton. Japanese papers are often made with kozo (mulberry bark), another durable and archival fiber.

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100% Cotton Papers are the finest manufactured printmaking papers. With good conservation practices, 100% cotton rag papers will resist aging and deterioration for centuries without special treatment.

Blended Fiber and Alpha Cellulose Papers

Blended Fiber and Alpha Cellulose Papers are buffered and acid free. In a good environment, they can last for centuries, but they will eventually require conservation.

Block Printing Papers

Block Printing Papers are moderately priced for a student and educational market in which relief printing is often an introductory printmaking technique. In contrast with etching, intaglio, lithography, and other printmaking techniques, block printing does not require an absorbent paper.

Block printing, also called relief printing, can utilize fine archival papers too, but our block printing papers are not archival.

Japanese Printmaking Papers

Japanese Printmaking Papers are like no other papers in the world. Often, they are handmade under centuries-old traditions, using the finest-quality fibers from plants found only in the Far East.

Japanese papers are prized for lino and wood block printing, sumi painting, brush calligraphy, book binding, interleaving, and fly leaf and end leaf applications, as well as for many decorative purposes.

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