Etching and Intaglio

Explore etching and intaglio with supplies from Blick. Intaglio is the process of printing a design from recessed areas of a printing plate. Create intaglio prints by etching patterns, designs, and illustrations into a metal plate, such as copper, zinc, or aluminum, and then rubbing printing ink into the etching. Metal plates are usually printed using a roller press, which supplies enough pressure to transfer the inked design to paper. Plastic plates are another option — they’re easier to etch and are perfect for practicing and teaching. Another popular etching plate choice is solarplate, a light-sensitized, steel-backed polymer used by artists as a simple, safe, and fast alternative that doesn’t require the use of toxic grounds, acids, or solvents. Etching on metal isn’t easy — that’s where etching and intaglio tools come in. Shop Blick’s wide selection of burnishers, scrapers, needles, and more.