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Blick Basic Presentation Case
Blick Basic Presentation Case Clearance!

The Blick Basic Presentation Case is made of black polypropylene with an easy-hold handle on the spine that allows pages to hang straight during transport to eliminate wrinkling. Available in a variety of sizes.

Prices range from $6.01 - $49.48 SAVE 40 - 75% off List!
Blick Studio Presentation Case
Blick Studio Presentation Case Clearance!

Give a professional look to your presentations with this affordable presentation case. Made of a durable black material and finished with polished zinc hardware on an easy-to-carry handle. Includes polypropylene pages with black acid-free inserts.

Prices range from $6.01 - $41.39 SAVE 73% or more off List!
Prat Start 1 Presentation Cases
Prat Start 1 Presentation Cases

This attractive book is made with archival, acid-free polypropylene and has spine-mounted handles. The case lies completely flat when open. The cases feature one inside pocket, and a 1" multi-ring mechanism with 30-page capacity.

Prices range from $13.39 - $111.49 SAVE 15 - 30% off List!
Prat Start 2 Presentation Cases
Prat Start 2 Presentation Cases

Elegant and durable, with a black laminated waterproof cover and a deluxe lining, these presentation cases lay flat for easy presentation. The 1" black multi-ring binder does not snag pages. Spine mounted handle allows pages to hang downward properly.

Prices range from $13.39 - $148.99 SAVE 19 - 30% off List!