Acrylic Painting Paper and Pads

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Acrylic Painting Paper and Pads

Acrylic painting paper is an inexpensive alternative to canvas that appeals to many artists just beginning to work with acrylic paints. Because it is used with a heavier media, the paper should be a heavier weight to prevent warping. A textured, sized surface is another important feature of acrylic paper, because it allows the acrylic paint to adhere to the paper without being absorbed. Acrylic papers have been developed that either mimic the characteristics of canvas, or are real canvas sheets bound into a pad.

Other alternatives to canvas and acrylic painting paper are mixed media art boards or hardboard panels, which offer a strong, sturdy, lasting surface for acrylic paintings.

Available in sheets, pads, blocks, and rolls, acrylic painting paper is usually intended for practice work, instruction, or preliminary sketches. For acrylic paintings intended to last a long time, stretched canvas or hardboard panels are recommended.