Die Cutting and Digital Cutting Machines

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Die Cutting and Digital Cutting Machines

Use die cutting and digital cutting machines to cleanly cut materials — including paper, cardstock, and fabric — into specific shapes. They’re perfect for scrapbooking, creating party decorations, card making, and much more.

Cut and emboss materials with a die cutting machine. This craft cutting machine employs stencils and die cuts to slice through materials. Cut out simple shapes, including hearts, stars, and arrows, or more detailed shapes, such as letters, butterflies, and flowers. They’re easy to use — sandwich your material and die or embosser between a cutting pad. Then, roll it all through the die cutter to cut out the shapes.

Digital cutting machines cut materials with a blade. They connect to a laptop, tablet, or mobile device — you design or choose the shape you’d like to cut out, and it does the cutting for you.