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  • Richeson Heavy-Duty Art Trays

    Richeson Heavy-Duty Art Trays

    Item #: 03093

    4.3 out of 5 stars


    $11.57 - $17.84

    Use this heavy-duty white plastic tray to keep paints and craft projects under control. It's ideal for paints, soaking or marbling paper, or as a base...

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    $11.57 - $17.84

  • Richeson White Plastic Trays

    Richeson White Plastic Trays

    Item #: 04923

    3 out of 5 stars


    $29.95 - $62.95

    Richeson White Plastic Trays are versatile and easy to clean. Available in two sizes, the large format tray is ideal for soaking or marbleizing papers...

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    $29.95 - $62.95

  • NEW!

    DecoArt Water Marbling Tray

    DecoArt Water Marbling Tray

    Item #: 83521


    Dive into the world of water marbling and create amazing projects with the DecoArt Water Marbling Tray. The tray is great for shallow projects that me...