Paper Crafts

Create books, origami, die cut shapes, quilling art, and much more with paper craft supplies from Blick. Blick has everything you need for paper crafts in one place, including scissors, craft tools, papermaking supplies, and scrapbook paper.

Explore tools for shaping, creasing, curling, and folding, plus tools for punching through, crimping, and fringing paper.

Blick also has all-in-one kits, perfect for beginners just getting into paper crafts. Learn how to create your own paper, or learn to create unique marbled designs on paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the best glues for paper crafts?

    PVA is a common choice for paper crafts, as are tacky glues, which have a quick tack to hold glued components in position. Paste glues have a lower moisture content and less tendency to wrinkle delicate papers. Rubber or paper cements are commonly used because they are solvent-based and do not contain water which could wrinkle paper.