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Decorative & Handmade Paper

Give your handmade cards, collages, mixed media work, scrapbooks, and arts and craft projects one-of-a-kind appeal with decorative and handmade papers from Blick. Our expansive collection of decorative craft papers includes papers made from mulberry, kozo, papyrus, banana leaves, cork, and many varieties of lokta. Originating in Nepal, lokta is made from the bark of the Daphne plant, and combines ancient papermaking with modern aesthetics. Harvesting the bark actually promotes growth, making lokta an eco-friendly, sustainable paper choice.

Other decorative art paper choices include marbled, screen printed, and embossed papers. Some contain bark inclusions, or are made to look and feel like leather, lace, or snakeskin. Yet others are made from metallic materials that add shimmer and shine to your handmade creations. There's no limit to what you can create with these beautiful decorative papers from Blick.

Decorative Paper Assortments and Collections offer a variety of papers for artists. Depending on the assortment, it can either be random papers or a collection of the different styles offered within a particular line.

Bark Papers are handmade papers made in Mexico by the Otomi people. Made from different types of bark fibers that can include mulberry, fig, ficus or other indigenous plants, this paper has a lovely fibrous quality that is unique in each sheet.

Lace Papers can be made from a variety of different materials, but the main feature of this paper is its openness. Made by using heavier fibers or by spraying water through the pulp, holes are created in the paper making it have a lace-like quality. These papers are commonly used in card making and collage applications.

Marble Papers can either be mould made or handmade. After it has dried, the paper is marbleized with paint on the surface or different colored pulps that are mixed together to form the paper itself. Each sheet is different due to the marbling process. These papers are generally used for card making, collage, or bookmaking.

Lotka papers, sometimes called Nepalese Papers, are made from the interior bark of the Lokta bush. Once these handmade papers are dried, they are then dyed, marbled, or screen printed. The long fibers of the Lokta bush make for a strong paper that is resilient to deterioration, pests or insects, and water.

Thai Papers are made from a base pulp of mulberry or kozo pulp. Some papers have banana leaves, thicker kozo fibers, mango leaves, or are embossed to create texture and interest. Due to the long fibers of the mulberry plant, these thin papers are very strong and durable. These papers are a good choice for card making, collage, book making, and origami.