Colored and Decorative Paper

For paper arts and paper crafts of all kinds, Blick is your one-stop shop. Choose cardstock paper for paper modeling, posters, tags, signs, and cards. Find colored paper for drawing, construction paper for classroom projects, origami paper in square sizes, toned sheets for sketching, and colorful sanded papers with a toothy surface that grabs pastel particles and accepts multiple pastel layers.

For scrapbooks, home décor, collage, mixed media, framing, or book-making, choose decorative paper from around the world, including a wide variety of beautiful lokta, mulberry, kozo, papyrus, Thai, and Nepalese papers.

Black paper is a hot trend that creates a dramatic background for light-colored, metallic, neon, pearlescent, and fluorescent paints, markers, inks, and more. Find colored tissue paper, crepe paper, and corrugated papers for making crafts, party decorations, classroom displays, flowers, and gift wrapping.

Whether you’re looking for sheets, rolls, pads, packs, paper by the pound, or sticky notes in a striking array of colors, you’ll find it at Blick! Wondering how we ensure that the decorative papers we stock reach you in the condition you expect? Visit our Expertly Shipping Delicate Paper Products Page to explore our specialized solutions for storing, packing, and shipping paper products of all kinds.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will colored papers be lightfast and acid-free?

    They may be or they may not. Be sure to check the attributes of the specific paper you're interested in if you intend to use it for permanent artwork.