Art and Presentation Boards

For arts and crafts materials of all kinds, students, teachers, professional artists, and others trust Blick. Look for illustration board, Bristol board, and mixed media boards when you need a rigid surface that accepts a wide variety of media. Choose chipboard for posters, frames, and art projects — or premade chipboard letters, wreath rings, pennants, and 3D animal shapes to get a head start on classroom or craft projects. Corrugated paper and cardboard are great for making models, bulletin board displays, picture frame backing, and other art and craft projects, while foam board sheets can be cut into custom sizes for creating displays, mounting posters, and making architectural models and crafts. Shop for paper or plastic poster boards that have a metallic, mirror, foil, or even a reusable chalkboard surface. Project boards are just the thing for science fairs, tabletop presentations, and temporary signage, and wood and polystyrene sculpture boards are fast becoming the preferred choice of hobbyists, model builders, architectural designers, and crafters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Some boards have a thickness listed in plies, some are in points, some are in inches. Is there a conversion table?

    Not exactly, because measurements given in plies simply count the number of layers of material that are laminated together, so a 4-ply board may measure the same as a 14-ply board. When measuring boards, points are one-thousandth of an inch (0.001" or 1 mil). Look for measurements in points, mil, inches, or millimeters for measurements that are easy to convert.