Masking Fluids and Liquid Friskets

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Masking Fluids and Liquid Friskets

Mask specific areas of your surface with masking fluid and liquid frisket. After applying it, let it dry completely before painting over it. The frisket will prevent paint and other media from adhering to your surface.

Frisket and masking fluid is typically applied with a brush. It is easy to remove when you are done painting — many friskets can be peeled or rubbed off with an eraser. It often has a latex base and won’t stain surfaces.

Masking Fluids prevent the paper from absorbing color. Use a watercolor mask before you apply a wash to protect areas that you want to remain white. Peel away the mask when it is no longer needed. Most masking fluids use natural latex or a synthetic compound with very similar characteristics. They may contain an artificial colorant so that you can easily identify the areas you have masked.