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Best Selling Watercolor Paint

Watercolor Paint Tubes

Professional or Artist Watercolors contain a full pigment load suspended in a watersoluble binder, generally natural gum arabic. Watercolors are sold in either tubes or pans. Use them on paper and other absorbent surfaces that have been primed to accept waterbased paint.

Watercolor Pans

Watercolor Pans, available in professional and student grades, offer pigment and binder in a dry form. Apply water with a brush to moisten the pan and lift pigment. Use a palette with indentations to mix colors. Watercolor pans are ideal for field or outdoor painting and small-scale work.

Liquid Watercolors

Especially brilliant and transparent, Liquid Watercolors contain dyes as well as pigments, suspended in an aqueous medium. Because they are moist and fluid, they're suited to thin washes and airbrush application as well as conventional brushwork. Many of the more brilliant colors are fugitive (not lightfast), so liquid watercolors are often used for illustrations that will be scanned for reproduction.

Student Watercolor Paints

Student Watercolors have working characteristics similar to professional watercolors but with lower concentrations of pigment and a smaller range of colors. More expensive pigments are generally replicated by hues.

Kids' and Classroom Watercolor Paint Tubes