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Artist Painting Palettes

Looking for the perfect artist palette? Look no further. We have palettes for every type of paint and every need — whether you're painting outside, in the studio, or traveling. Find palettes with wells, flat palettes, a variety of shapes and sizes, and more, all at the lowest prices.

Pour, mix, and store your paint in paint palettes. Try a versatile plastic paint palette, perfect for holding all types of paint. Glass palettes are smooth, flat, and easy to clean, but can be dangerous if dropped. Palette paper requires no cleanup because you simply throw them away, but they aren't as eco-friendly as reusable options.

Palettes with wells are great for keeping colors separate, but palettes without wells provide a large space to mix colors. Covered palettes keep paint moist and workable between sessions.

To clean your palette, wipe away wet paint with a paper towel after each painting session to prevent paint from hardening and sticking to the palette. Some paints are easy to clean off with soap and water, but others will need extra help from turpentine or linseed oil. Dried acrylic paints tend to peel away, but oil paints may need to be scraped away with a razor blade.