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Paint Varnishes

Finish your painting with varnish. Varnish paint has many uses. Apply varnish to a finished acrylic or oil painting to create a matte, satin, or gloss finish. They can also help protect paintings against discoloration, moisture, and UV rays. Acrylic polymer and acrylic resin varnishes are ideal for acrylic paintings, while damar varnishes are ideal for use over dry oil paintings.

Some varnishes add effects to your paintings. Add an antiquing varnish over your painting to give it an amber tint and crackling look.

Apply a conversation varnish to ensure protection against fading or yellowing colors over time. Retouching varnishes will even bring fading or yellowing paintings back to life.

Retouching Varnishes can be used to protect paintings that have dried to the touch, when it is still too early to apply a permanent varnish. Use a retouching varnish to allow for exhibition of a newly completed painting that is not ready for final varnish.