Fluid Acrylics and Pouring Mediums

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Fluid Acrylic Paint and Pouring Mediums

Create paintings that flow, drip, and puddle with pouring paint and paint pouring mediums. Fluid acrylic paint has a thin consistency for better flow when compared to traditional acrylics. Explore fluid paint for students and professional artists.

Pours are typically created by applying individual colors directly onto your surface. Or, try the flip cup method, which involves layering colors in a cup, placing your surface on top of the cup, and flipping it over. Then, tilt the surface and watch the paint flow, creating random layers and mixtures.

Pouring mediums thin traditional acrylic paint to enhance its flow without changing the paint’s adhesive properties or drying time. Pouring medium doesn’t alter the original color of the paint. Some increase transparency, and others dry to a gloss finish.

Add a leveling medium to your paint to create even layers and a flat surface. These mediums don’t show brush strokes, peaks, or other textures.