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Home Decor Paint

Refresh your space or breathe new life into tired furniture, frames, and more with our selection of high-quality home décor paint. Whatever your surface or goal, our selection includes decorative paints designed for interior and exterior use. Looking to try the latest home décor trend? Find a wide array of specialty paints for faux finishing, giving furniture and other items a vintage look, or adding metallic embellishments to frames, stage props, and more.

What is vinyl paint?

Specially designed for use on vinyl and other types of plastic, vinyl paint is exceptionally durable and hard-wearing. When used as directed, it adheres permanently to surfaces and provides a weather-resistant finish that resists moisture, peeling, cracking, and fading. It is also easy to clean, making it a popular choice for outdoor furniture, trims, and more. Vinyl paint is available in a wide range of colors and finishes, including matte, gloss, and satin finishes.

Why use chalk paint?

Perfect for upcycling, DIY projects, and giving new items a vintage look, chalk paint has a milky appearance and matte, flat finish. Popular for its versatility and ease of use, chalk paint can be used on frames, furniture, drywall, jars, and even fabric. It perfectly complements farmhouse, modern, and shabby chic interior design styles, and can be sanded after drying to enhance its vintage effect.

Milk paint can be used to create a similar effect, offering great depth of color and a low-sheen, slightly mottled finish. Non-toxic and water based, milk paints are a popular choice for giving furniture and other items a distressed, lived-in look.

What is multi-surface paint?

Multi-surface paint is an all-encompassing term for home décor paints designed for use on a wide range of surfaces, from textiles and wood to ceramic, metal, glass, and beyond. While multi-surface paints are formulated for use on a variety of surfaces, they are not necessarily suitable for use on all surfaces. When choosing a multi-surface paint, it is important to consider your surface, goals, and needs.

What is faux finishing?

Faux finishing is painting technique in which surfaces (such as drywall) are painted to resemble other surfaces, such as marble, metal, or wood. Faux finishes can be achieved through glazing, in which translucent layers of paint and medium are applied using a brush, rag, sponge, or roller. They can also be achieved through plaster effects, which can enhance the effect by mimicking the texture and appearance of plaster. Other ways to pull off faux effects include specialty paints, mediums, and finishes, including metallic paints, crackle-effect paints, instant rust, and more.