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Batik Supplies

Batik is a method of creating colored designs on cloth. This technique involves using wax to create a pattern on the textile (typically cotton). The wax resists the batik dye. After dyeing the fabric, remove the wax to reveal the finished pattern. Find a variety of batik supplies that are specially made for batik projects.

Batik and Wax-Resist Fabric Dyeing Traditional Batik, a decorative art form from the island of Java, uses wax as a dye resist. The artisan draws a pattern directly on fabric with melted wax. The wax creates resist patterns where dye is not absorbed. With wax-resist Batik, use a cold-water dye such as Procion MX Fiber Reactive Cold Water Dye.

Apply the wax with pens and other batik tools that hold melted wax and distribute it as you’re drawing with the pen. Batik wax is formulated to create the distinctive crackle effect commonly found on batik fabric.