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Airbrush Paint

Find the perfect airbrush paint to use with your airbrush. Airbrush paint is ready to be used with an airbrush — no thinner required. More experienced airbrush artists may want to mix their own paint, but airbrush-specific paint is the way to go for beginners, as well as artists looking for convenience and wanting to save time.

Airbrush Colors are paints created specifically for application with an airbrush. Compressed air atomizes the paint into tiny droplets that are then carried to the surface being painted. Airbrush paint is formulated to atomize finely without drying on the airbrush needle tip. Most airbrush colors can be used straight from the bottle when using larger airbrush tip-sizes; however, for smaller tip-sizes and lower PSI settings, thinning airbrush colors with mediums and additives, such as reducers, is necessary.

Airbrush paint is made to easily flow through the airbrush and adhere to your desired surface. Blick carries airbrush paint from top brands, including Createx, Iwata, and Badger.