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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I need a moisture trap?

    Yes. A moisture trap attaches directly to your compressor and effectively reduces the amount of moisture in your air line. This is particularly important in warm and/or humid conditions. Moisture can also accumulate in your airbrush hose overnight. Spraying air through the airbrush for a few minutes before you start working will clear condensation from the line. For a selection of moisture traps and other airbrush supplies, visit our Compressors and Accessories page.

  • Is it necessary to use a pressure regulator?

    It's not absolutely necessary, but once you use one, you'll never want to work without a regulator again. A pressure regulator and gauge combination controls air output to the airbrush and becomes a necessity when your techniques and/or paint viscosity require you to control the airflow. Having a compressor that gives you a wide range of pressure to regulate allows you to experiment with a wide range of paints and techniques. For a selection of pressure regulators, visit our Compressors and Accessories page.