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Airbrush Compressors and Accessories

Find the perfect airbrush compressor for your airbrush. Compressors push air to the airbrush, delivering it at a higher pressure than its original atmospheric pressure. Airbrush compressors are often loud, but some operate at a noise level equivalent to a whisper.

Shop a range of pressure levels (low, medium, and high). Some compressors include a tank and an air hose to connect it to the airbrush, plus other accessories. Some have the ability to operate two airbrushes simultaneously.

Regulators become a necessity when your technique or the viscosity of the liquid requires you to control airflow more precisely. Having a compressor that gives you a wide range of pressure to regulate allows you to experiment with a broader range of paints and techniques. A pressure regulator and gauge combination controls air output to the airbrush. It's not absolutely necessary to use a regulator, but once you use one, you'll never want to work without it. A moisture trap attaches directly to your compressor, and reduces the amount of moisture in your airline. It is particularly important in warm or humid conditions.