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Airbrushes and Replacement Parts

Find single action and double action airbrushes, plus airbrush kits and replacement parts at Blick.

Single action airbrushes are the easiest to use. They have separate paint and air controls, so you don’t have to concentrate on pulling the trigger back further to release more paint. Twist the knob to your desired paint flow, and it’ll stay there. The knob can’t be adjusted while airbrushing, but keeping a steady paint flow is easy.

In a double action airbrush, the trigger manages the paint volume and airflow. Push the trigger down for air to pass through the airbrush, and pull the trigger backward for paint to flow out. The amount of paint coming out of the airbrush can easily be adjusted while painting — simply pull the trigger back further to release more paint. Find great information on How to Choose an Airbrush that meets your needs.