Oil Painting Mediums

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Oil Mediums by Brand
Gel Mediums
Liquid Mediums
Copal and Copal Style Mediums
Damar and Damar Style Mediums
Driers and Drying Mediums
Impasto Mediums and Extenders

Impasto Mediums and Extenders increase the viscosity of the paint and prevent it from cracking, so that the artist can use a thicker application.

Linseed and Drying Oils
Alakali Refined Linseed Oil
Cold Pressed Linseed Oil
Poppy Oil
Safflower Oil
Spike Lavender Oil
Stand Oil
Thickened Linseed Oil
Walnut Oil
Oil Painting Blended Mediums
Citrus Solvents and Natural Terpenes
Conservation and Restoration Solvents
Mineral Spirits
Water Miscible Oil Mediums

Water Miscible Oil Mediums allow you to alter the viscosity and drying time of the water miscible oil paints without the problems traditionally associated with thinning with water. The integrity and luster of the paint is preserved, while still allowing easy cleanup.

  • Winsor & Newton Liquin Mediums
    Winsor & Newton Liquin Mediums

    Liquin is a very useful medium used to speed the drying time of your oil paint. Learn about the different Liquin Mediums from Winsor & Newton. We'll explain what each one is best used for and how to integrate it into your painting process.


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