Kids' Activity Kits

Inspire young artists to get creative with kids' activity kits! Perfect for birthdays, holidays, and rainy days, our selection of kids' activity kits offers something for kids of every age, ability level, and interest.

A classic gift for kids of all ages, art sets often contain a range of essential drawing, painting, or craft supplies. An easy way to introduce kids to new mediums or build up their collection of art supplies, art sets promote open-ended creativity and fine motor skill development.

Craft kits provide kids with a more guided approach. They come in themes for every interest, allowing kids to explore anything from jewelry-making to the ancient art of mosaic. Craft kits often contain step-by-step instructions and the specific supplies kids need to complete projects. Plus, kids will love the sense of satisfaction and boost of self-confidence that comes with creating something to display or share with family and friends.

Learning and science kits, also known as STEM/STEAM kits, combine engineering, math, science, and art. By experiencing their real-world applications, kids can get excited about subjects that sometimes seem abstract.

Slime kits and supplies give kids a fun way to mix up gooey, tactile creations that can be customized with glitter, fun colors, foam beads, and much more! Shop even more creative ideas for kids on our kids’ crafts page.