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Kids' Clay

Kids of all ages love to play with clay, but did you know it’s also great for their development? Not only is clay play a therapeutic sensory activity, but it’s also great for building kids’ coordination, motor skills, and creative confidence! Whether you’re looking for a great rainy-day activity or planning a lesson, we have clay and clay tools for kids of all ages and abilities.

Air Dry Clays are a great choice for children of all ages because they dry to a hard solid, clean up easily, and require no baking or firing. They’re perfect for creating small figures, as well as pinch pots, vases, and other decorative items. Once dry, they can be painted, colored, and embellished with stickers.

Polymer Clays are another popular choice because they do not dry out, meaning kids can play with them again and again. Available in a variety of bright colors, polymer clays usually require an oven to harden but will not shrink as they dry and maintain their vibrant color. They’re a popular choice for creating beads, cute miniatures, and fun figures.

Modeling Compounds — like doughs — are often water-based and safe for even the smallest children. Many formulas are also free of common allergens, making them great for children with sensitivities.