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Paint Classroom Packs

Whether you’re introducing students to new mediums and techniques, stocking up for homeschool lessons, or planning your next painting party, our comprehensive selection of paint classroom packs offers value and versatility for every student and setting! Find teacher-trusted brands in formats that work for your needs—our medium-spanning assortment of classroom paint includes tempera paint classroom packs, watercolor paint classroom packs, acrylic paint classroom packs, and oil paint classroom packs.

What types of paint should you use in the classroom?

Tempera paints, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, and oil paints are all popular choices, but the type of classroom paint you use will depend on the age and ability level of your learners as well as your goals.

Tempera Paints (also known as poster paints) are inexpensive, safe, washable, and easy to work with. Available in a wide range of bright, kid-friendly colors, they’re a great choice for young learners and elementary school students. Tempera paints have a creamy consistency and dry quickly to a matte finish. While they can crack or flake over time, tempera paints are ideal for a wide range of classroom painting projects, from learning color theory to designing posters. At Blick, you’ll find the best assortment of tempera paints in every format, from large bottles of ready-to-use paint to tempera cakes and paint sticks.

Acrylic Paints are another great choice for students of all ages, from elementary grades through secondary school and beyond. Available in a range of viscosities, acrylic paints adhere well to a wide range of surfaces, from fabric to rocks to canvas and more. Quick-drying and waterbased, acrylic paints are also useful for teaching oil techniques to older learners while offering easier clean up and disposal. Our educator-favorite Blickrylic Student Acrylic Paints are excellent for introducing students to acrylic painting techniques and come in a broad range of colors, sets, and sizes. We also offer classroom packs of individual acrylic sets with the most popular colors for learning.

Watercolors are a great option for classrooms of all ages and ability levels. Forgiving and fun to work with, watercolors are easy to combine with other media. Our selection of watercolor classroom paint packs includes convenient pan sets that include brushes, as well as ready-to-use liquid watercolors that make it easy to distribute the right amount of paint.

Oil Sticks are a mess-free way to introduce kids to oil painting. They also dry much faster than traditional oil paints, are easy to distribute, and store beautifully.

What is the difference between artist and student-grade paint?

Paints come in a range of grades, including artist grade, student grade, and scholastic. Intended for professionals, artist-grade paints contain more pigments than student-grade paints and often offer a wider choice of colors.

Artist-Grade Paints are designed to last for decades or even centuries and are more expensive than other grades due to the quality and concentration of their pigments, binders, and other factors.

Student-Grade Paints offer a more affordable price range for collegiate-level art students, as well as hobbyists and beginners. They generally contain a lower concentration of pigments, as well as fewer single-pigment colors. While student-grade paints are less expensive than artist-grade paints, they often offer very good lightfastness and workability.

Scholastic Paints are intended for children. Available in rich, bright colors, scholastic paints are often washable, non-toxic, and designed for ease of use or distribution in classroom settings where archival qualities are not required.

For a full selection of kids’ and classroom paints, visit our kids and classroom paint sets page.