Framing Tools and Accessories

Whether created by you, received as a gift, or purchased from a favorite artist, the artwork you display in your home, studio, office, or at art shows and museums deserves a beautiful frame. Blick offers custom framing and printing services at many of its retail stores, plus expert conservation advice. When custom framing isn’t an option, Blick offers everything you need to frame, finish, and hang your artwork.

Choose from a huge assortment of art framing supplies like pre-made frames, matboards, and pre-cut mats. Find framing tools such as mat cutters and art knives for cutting custom mats, and mitre boxes and mitre saws for cutting frame sections at the perfect angle.

Blick also carries pre-cut frame kits and sectional frames that include hardware for hanging. Find framing glue and adhesives, plus joiners, clamps, and point drivers for completing your framing project, plus glazing materials such as glass, acrylic, and styrene sheets. Sand rough edges or create distressed finishes with sanders and sandpaper. Give your frame an Old World finish with gold or silver leaf. Touch up scratches, nicks, and frame corners with wood and frame touch-up markers — great for repairing imperfections on furniture, too!