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Matboards are an essential tool when it comes to displaying your artwork, photos, prints, or even precious documents. They serve several key purposes:

Safeguarding the artwork — matboards offer protection by preventing the artwork from coming into direct contact with the glass or acrylic glazing in the frame.

Enhancing the visual appearance — the right matboard can complement the artwork or help guide the viewer's focus. There are an abundance of different colors and tones to choose from to help highlight your work.

Creating depth — matboards provide an extra layer which allows for greater visual depth.

When it comes to choosing a matboard, you can either start with an uncut matboard and take on the task of cutting it yourself or you can purchase a pre-cut mat that fits your specific needs. For both instances, it's important to consider color, texture, material, and level of thickness. The thickness is measured in ply with 4-ply and 8-ply being the most common. Thicker matboards may be difficult to cut at home with clean lines and precision but visually create more depth, prevent warping, and provide an overall sturdier layer of protection. Blick offers a variety of uncut matboards and pre-cut mats in a wide range of styles. Shop for matboards and other art framing supplies including glazing materials, mat cutters, clamps, and more to complete your display.