Matboard & Mounting Board

Enhance your artwork, documents, and photos with matboards and mounting boards from Blick. We offer a variety of uncut matboards for those who are experienced in cutting their own mats, plus pre-cut mats in dozens of styles and sizes for every type of framed artwork or document. Some matboards and pre-cut mats are for decorative purposes only (not archival), while others are conservation quality for long-lasting, permanent display in homes, galleries, or museums. Shop foam boards for framing, mounting, craft projects, and display purposes. Mounting Boards are available in both archival and non-archival varieties for backing posters, documents, photos, and fine prints. Shop for cold mounting materials such as adhesive corners, strips, and sleeves, plus dry mounting systems for laminating, mounting, or reinforcing photos and other artwork.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between matboard and mounting board?

    Typically, matboard will have a window cut with beveled edges and be placed in front of the artwork. For this reason, matboard comes in many surface colors and often has a specifically colored core—white, cream, black, or solid in the same color as the front. Mounting board is generally placed behind the matboard. Surface colors and core colors will be more limited. However, window mats can be cut out of mounting board. We recommend using museum-grade, solid-core boards for this purpose.

  • What is the difference between foam board and foam core?

    "Foam board" and "foam core" are different terms for the same product.