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Artist Studio Easels

Create your ideal painting workspace with a studio easel. Choose from small and large easels and easels to suit a wide variety of needs, including A-frame easels, steel tube easels, wall-mounted easels, art horses, H-frame easels, and much more.

A-Frame Easels, also known as Lyre Easels, rely on their triangular silhouette to provide a sturdy foundation for your painting. The single rear leg allows for placement in corners and tight spaces. In most models the rear leg can be flattened for easy storage. Most designs do not allow forward tilt of the top of the painting surface, and canvas size can be more limited than some H-Frame models.

Convertible and Hybrid Easels serve the artist who is not satisfied to work in one medium. Most are designed to accommodate the needs of oil/acrylic painters while converting to the needs of the watercolorist or pastel painter. Most closely related to the H-Frame family, these easels provide a maximum of flexibility.

Single-Mast Easels are the simplest of easel forms. Their more affordable architecture can be appreciated for its elegance but cannot be counted on to provide the same sturdiness or flexibility of the other traditional forms. Single-Mast easels are often seen in cramped apartments or school studios where their advantages are clear. They take up less space, they collapse and store with great ease, and they are generally more affordable.

Steel Tube Easels are strong and durable, ideal for the universities, high schools, and community art centers. However, many artists prefer a traditional wooden easel for the home studio, because they are more adjustable, or a lightweight aluminum easel, because they are more portable.

Wall Mounted Easels are easels that require you to mount them to a wall. They are not free standing like traditional easels. Wall mounted easels are great for individuals with limited floor space.

Art Horse and Bench Easels combine a bench and either an easel, a drawing board, or another form of support bar. This allows the artist to sit while drawing or painting.

Work Stations with Integrated Easels give artists the vertical working surface of an easel attached to ample additional storage. Due to the design of the work stations, the easels usually have a maximum canvas height of just under 4 ft. Some of these stations also fold up or into themselves to form a nice compact unit or flat table like surface.