French and Plein Air Easels

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French and Plein Air Easels

Set up your ideal outdoor studio with plein air easels and portable easels from Blick. French easels and pochade boxes are versatile and compact, perfect for storing your art supplies and taking with you on outdoor art adventures. Similarly, sketchbox easels make great outdoor easels due to their storage space and small size. Metal and wooden tripod field easels make great portable easels because they're lightweight and fold down easily.

French Style Easels are similar to sketch box easels because they consist of a box for storage, and a lid that folds up to act as the easel, but French Style easels also have tripod style legs. When opened completely they become full sized easels, but if the legs are left closed they can be used as table top easels. Many artists like this type of easel for plein air painting because they can stand at it while they work and it has enough room to carry all their necessary supplies.

Pochade Boxes are compact boxes that allow the artist to keep all of their supplies in one location and work on the inside of the lid. These boxes are traditionally used for plein air painting but can also be used in the studio, home, or classroom. Since pochade boxes are used for travel and plein air painting, the maximum size canvas or work surface is quite small, usually not over 12".

Folding Tripod Easels are metal or wooden easels, with three legs, that fold up easily for storage and transportation. These easels are a good alternative to sketchbox easels and are lighter to carry for plein air painting. Many are for vertical painting, but some do lay flat for watercolor work.

Sketchbox Easels are a great choice for plein air painters or artists short on space because there is additional storage space attached to the easel and it folds up for easy transportation and storage. These easels can also be used as a table top easel if the legs are not opened and unfolded.

Explore outdoor art supplies and accessories that are specially made to be easy to use outside. Want more information? Click to Find your Plein Air Style!