Artists use easels to support a painting while they work on it or sometimes to display finished work. Easels are available in a wide range of styles and sizes, including A-frame (lyre), H-frame, and French style. Some easels, such as travel and table easels, collapse or fold for easy storage and transport. Studio easels tend to be less portable. Giant easels can support heavy artwork (sometimes several hundred pounds) and canvas more than 7 feet high. Smaller children's easels are available for young artists. Wood easels are common, as are easels made from aluminum or steel.

With so much variety in design, you're sure to find an easel to suit your needs. Explore some of the most popular styles of easels for sale below.

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Easels by Style/Type
  • How Best Easels are Made
    How Best Easels are Made

    Best Easels are made of the highest quality solid red oak in Kimberly, Wisconsin, USA. All Best easels have a lifetime warranty and are a great choice regardless of what medium or size you work in.

  • Best Easels - Which One to Choose?
    Best Easels - Which One to Choose?

    Best Easels are quality made in the USA in an assortment of designs and sizes and can accommodate all mediums as well as all large and small paintings for working or display. We'll show you the features and benefits of just a few of the Best Easels available at Blick Art Materials, such as: A-Frame Lyra, B-Best Adjustable, H-Frame Dulce, Deluxe Table Top, Best Lobo, Santa Fe 2, Abiquiu.


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