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A fixative is a substance that is applied to finished artworks to seal, preserve, and protect colors from smudging, UV light, yellowing, and other environmental damage. Generally used to protect pastel, pencil, charcoal, crayon, chalk, colored pencil, and other dry media artwork, some types of fixatives are designed to protect marker art, ink drawings, mixed media art, or even oil or acrylic paintings.

Choose a workable fixative for works in progress, and final fixatives for artwork that is in final form. Most fixatives are in the form of a fixative spray that is applied by spraying it onto your artwork, giving it either a matte or glossy finish. Shop Blick for top fixative brands such as Krylon and Mod Podge.

Workable Fixatives allow you to continue your work on a piece. Use workable fixatives between layers, or apply them when you want to protect an unfinished piece and return to work on it later.

Final Fixatives are non-workable, and should be used only when the artwork is completed. Apply the fixative lightly, without wetting or soaking the paper. Once the fixative has been applied, it provides some protection against smudging and ultraviolet light.