Drawing and Sketch Pads

Drawing Pads feature paper that is heavier weight, to allow for some erasure or reworking. Although not necessarily archival, drawing papers are intended for producing a finished piece.

Sketching Pads feature paper that is lighter weight, intended for quick studies or for practice work, but not for producing a final work of art.

What should you consider when making your selection? Choose a paper that is suitable for your needs based on fiber, weight, and surface texture or finish.

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Drawing Pads (Heavier Weight Paper)
Premium (Cotton or Blended)
Standard (Cellulose)
School and Classroom
Sketching Pads (Lighter Weight Papers)
Gridded and Lined
School and Classroom

Sketching Papers are manufactured with a lighter weight paper recommended for trial and practice and for recording ideas. The lightweight paper is too thin, too translucent, and too brittle to be recommended for permanent works of art.

Pen and Marker Pads

Pen and Marker Papers have an extremely smooth surface, the ideal finish for a medium in which sharp lines and transitions are needed. The paper is sized to resist absorption of color, to prevent lines from bleeding.


Drafting Vellum or Paper Vellum has a smooth surface like that of parchment vellum, traditionally made from calf-skin, but it contains no animal products. It is used for fine line drawing in both pencil and ink. It takes erasure well.

Recycled Paper Pads
100% Post Consumer

Recycled Papers are either 100% post-consumer or blended. Post-consumer fiber is the greenest choice, however the recycling process shortens the fibers and thus weakens the final product. For this reason, some artists prefer a paper that is manufactured with a blend of new and recycled fiber.

  • Crescent Graffiti Paper
    Crescent Graffiti Paper

    Graffiti Paper is the new landscape for urban art; it's especially designed for spray paint and markers. The large rolls allow you to create big pieces for any wall, and you can take your work with you to different locations. It can be used for finished work, laying out designs, sketching ideas or practicing murals. Your markers and paint won't feather or bleed, so you can get crisp, clean lines.

  • Selecting Art Paper
    Selecting Art Paper

    It's important to know that the paper you choose can have a major influence on your artwork. Hilary explains various paper terminology and how these can affect the outcome of your work.


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