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Scratchboard Art

Scratchboard art is a technique where papers or boards covered with wax, gesso, or clay are scratched into with tools to reveal a white, colored, or metallic surface. The resulting artwork can be extremely unique and fun for artists of all skill levels. Due to the popularity of scratchboard art with children, companies such as Scratch-Art have developed activity sets, books, and kits that include paper, boards, and scratch tools for making pictures, picture frames — even faux stained glass windows.

For professional artists, Ampersand and Essdee have developed coated art panels that can be used with paints, airbrushes, engraving tools, or for mixed media art and collage. Blick also carries a variety of wood sticks, brushes, knives, and other scratchboard tools for creating special textures and effects in your scratchboard art.