For writing, illustrating, hand lettering, graphic design, or any activity that requires a high-quality pen, Blick has the right tool for the job. Ballpoint and roller ball pens, fiber tip pens, and gel pens are favorites for general purpose writing. Brush pens, illustration pens, drawing pens, and technical pens offer precision and control in your illustrations, drawings, and other artwork. Fountain pens will always appeal to pen aficionados, and Blick is always adding more of these fine writing tools for calligraphy, hand lettering, and elegant writing. Choose solvent-based and acrylic paint pens for making signs, posters, arts and crafts, urban art, home décor, and more. Artists will enjoy brush pens for the convenience of a marker and the fluid control of a brush tip in their drawings. Blick also offers a variety of archival art pens for making fadeproof, lightfast, acid-free entries in journals, scrapbooks, photo albums, and other keepsakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a fixative for artwork I do in pen?

    No—in fact, the solvents in fixatives may result in pen lines bleeding. If you have mixed media work requiring a fixative that has pen work in it, be sure to conduct a small scale-test with your specific materials and your fixative of choice to make sure there will be no adverse effects before spraying completed artwork.