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Pencils for Drawing & Sketching

What's the difference between drawing and sketching? Although many artists (and non-artists) use these terms interchangeably, there's a fine line between the two. Sketching is generally considered a quicker, looser process, and a way to capture your initial impressions on paper — much like a writer's rough draft. A drawing is usually thought of as a fully formed, finished piece that builds upon the preliminary sketch.

Whether you're creating a quick sketch or a detailed drawing, Blick offers the best sketching and drawing pencils to do your best work. From graphite, carbon, charcoal, and chalk pencils, to watersoluble graphite pencils and even woodless graphite pencils, there are endless options to choose from. Find great tips on how to choose a drawing pencil to help make the appropriate selection for your project. Many sketching sets and drawing sets include both sketching pencils and drawing pencils, plus tools such as sharpeners, erasers, and blending stumps. Many sets also include pens, paper, markers, colored pencils, and other drawing media, for a seamless transition from sketch to finished drawing, wherever you go.

Marking Pencils and China Markers provide solutions when you have to write or draw on a smooth surface, surfaces to which many other writing tools don't adhere, such as glass, metal, polished stone, ceramics, plastic, and mylar. These specialized pencils and markers go by many names — as wax pencils, grease pencils, or china markers.