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Charcoal Pencils

Expressive and spontaneous, charcoal is an art material as ancient as the earliest cave paintings. Charcoal is available in many forms, including charcoal sticks, willow charcoal sticks (made by burning willow twigs), vine charcoal sticks (made by burning grapevine), compressed charcoal, chunks, pencils, even charcoal powder and liquid charcoal. This versatile media can be used at every stage of creation, from rough sketch to finished work.

Charcoal pencils offer a less messy alternative to their more traditional charcoal counterparts. Blick offers a wide selection of charcoal pencil sets that contain a range of shades, from grays to the deepest blacks. Many sets also include graphite, chalk, carbon, or other complementary art media, plus tools for shading, erasing, blending, and sharpening.